Ivan Ryder Cup 2012



$100 cash for Tournament Entry is due to your captain BEFORE the first matches are played on Friday afternoon. This is for prize money, to be split between the man with the most points on each team ($75 each), and the rest will be split among the 8 golfers on the winning team ($180 each).


Team USA
Steve Young, Captain(10)
Sean LaRue (26)
Bryan Wirth (18)
Alex (15)
Shaw P. (16)
Dave Pillar (13)
Paul Richards (16)
Steve Nix (20)
Ryan Haliday (14)

Team EUR
Marty Flosi, Captain (0)
Seth Carstens (18)
Eric Means (26)
Larry Nix (18)
Jeff  Weddle (12)
Del Fernandez (16)
Doc Haliday (18)
Nick (14)
Steve Rost (16)


Room and Board ($350 – Talking Stick)

We are playing and staying at Talking Stick, off the 101 and Indian Bend. We have all our deposits, everyone will need to pair up, make sure you know who your staying with. If you paid for a room, make sure you find somebody to split the bill with. Room assignments are as follows:

  • Larry N. and Marty F.
  • Seth C. and Bryan W.
  • Eric M. and Sean L.
  • Steve R. and Steven N.
  • Steve Y. and Dale P.
  • Jeff W. and Del F.
  • Doc H. and Ryan H.
  • Shaw P. and Nick
  • Alex and Paul

Tee Times

6/1 – 18 players at TBD

6/2 – 18 players at TBD, afternoon at TBD

6/3 – 18 players at TBD

What to Bring

  • $100 Cash for Tournament Entry
  • Food and Drinks (Beer, chips, crackers, pretzels, etc). If everyone brings something I’m sure we can all share but these things will not be provided to those who don’t bring anything… rookies you better bring some extra!
  • $$$ for playing cards at night. We will likely have 2 tables this year, high rollers and low rollers since we have 18 guys. Bring more $$$$ if you want to gamble at the casino… I assure you its more expensive to play there!
  • Sunscreen and Water
  • A strong stomach, little need for sleep, and a good attitude, we expect no drama this year except for Mr. Flosi’s normal outbursts and pranks which are to be expected.

The Rules

Match Play

All games are played under Match Play rules, where the result of each game is determined by the number of holes won. Games are worth one point.


Coin Toss –
Winner of toss will pick first and have picks 1,4,5,8,9,12
Loser of toss will pick side US or EUR and have picks 2,3,6,7,10,11

Option 1
Team up based on handicap. Handicaps will be removed when opponents are within 2 strokes. (Larry a 16 and played Roger an 18 their handicaps are now zero.)
Option 2
Coin Flip, winner chooses first, alternating until all matches made. If there is a difference of more than 3 strokes between player handicaps, the handicap difference will be cut in half. (Steven is a 20 and played Marty is a 0 then Stevens handicap is now 10.)
Ball Placement
Players may roll the ball within 6 inches of its original placement without penalty.
Any ball not found or out of bounds plays lateral from entry of out of bounds, water, etc., with a 1 stroke penalty.

No breakfast balls, no mulligans

Honor System
Players score themselves, and make final decision on their own scorecard as to their score.

All puts must be putted out unless your opponent(s) agree unanimously to concede the put regardless of distance.

Skunk Rule
Anything over a double bogey does not finish the hole. (score of triple bogey) If both opponents receive score of triple bogey, they tie the hole.

No Shows
Except for emergencies… Family First! Player forfeits any hole he does not attend.









2 Guys Every Round


“Singles” is a match in which one player competes against another player. A player wins the match when he is up by more holes than there are holes remaining to play. Captains will determine match-ups by alternating picks. First pick will be decided by a coin toss.

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