Presentation: Only Hire Owners

Notes about the presentation:

  • Intro – Seth Carstens, Only Hire Owers talk.
  • Seems like talk only for managers, it’s actually more about teams.
  • What idiot put you in charge?! Technical + Sociable = Technical Hiring Manager.
    Studied company culture, and have a passion for Leadership.
    History lesson, I’m old, may take a minute.
  • First website developed in 1997 – geocities tables html.
    WordPress in 1999.
    People manager in 2006 (ASU grad).
    WP Evangelist in 2012.
    Software Architect in 2014.
    And now Director of Technology Time Inc for the Brand called FanSided.
    Been through 3 acquisitions, 1 merger, 3 WC’s, PN Veteran.
    Background in Sales, Customer Service, Insurance, Helpdesk, and Business.
    WHY IMPORTANT? Perspective of my opinions.
  • Rundown: I want to talk about ->
    The right people. (right now)
    The right leadership. (direction, goals, immediate future)
    The right culture. (long term, vision, mission)
  • Lego Movie Slide: Don’t just wanna be special, BE.
    Lego movie review – Emmet becomes the hero once he decides to just “be” special.
    When hiring, find people that are ready to act.
  • Life of Pets Slide: We like to believe, it’s like the movie.
    When you are gone, they take care of themselves or do nothing at all.
    This is the 9-5 worker bee culture, don’t invite boredom to work.
  • Owners initiative
    Pets Obey, Owners Innovate.
  • Cowpath Theory Slide: Drop cows in a field, let them find water, the following day, they will follow the same path, even though it’s longer. Pave the cow path, or don’t hire cows.
  • Be a Leader, not a boss: Lead by example, not by position. Ask don’t tell.
    Don’t be the exception to your rule.
    Responsibility of culture is on you.
  • TPS Reports Slide: Remember: Public Standards matter to culture.
    Define it in the hiring process.
    Remember to treat them like people, be flexible. Positive reinforcement.
    Hire on the 3 C’s in priority -> Next slide 3 C’s
  • 3 c’s of hiring:
  • Take Away: Hire people that own it, that will evolve with the company.