First Scottsdale Developers meetup

We will likely discuss some concepts of this sites development in the first meeting, but most of the site planning and building will be separate from the meetup, which will focus on learning to be a better WordPress developer.


A Few ideas of topics you may find in future Scottsdale Developers meetups:

  • Using composer in your projects, or plugins
  • Singleton model – pros, cons, do’s and don’ts and singleton hybrid model
  • Plugin Structure – what should your plugin files look like, consideration of globals and objects
  • Setting up VVV with xdebug in PHPStorm to step your way through each line of code
  • Gulp – using the tasker to control the chaos
  • Git Flow – how to do release management right on teams
  • Developing with multisite in mind
  • Building code that scales – consideration of enterprise level traffic
  • New Relic – monitor your sites and servers for uptime and performance
  • Static vs Instance objects – debate and consideration of when to use each
  • Unit Testing vs Synthetic Testing – making sure your code updates don’t cause regressoin
  • Continuous Integration – example use cases for WordPress, when it makes sense to start using it, cost of CI setup/maintanance
  • Docker – whats a docker? how is it different from Vagrant? How does it affect developers?
  • Code Security – making sure you aren’t creating security holes in your plugins
  • Code Deployment Strategies – what people are using, how to decide whats best for you
  • WordPress hooks – how to handle timing of the WP hooks (actions and filters) event system
  • Events vs MVC Debate – debate and discussion about what the differences are, and if MVC really has a place in WordPress