LSP Activities (2002-2004)

Leadership Scholarship Program Activites

LSP Freshman Orientation: August 2002 – The freshman class of 2002 meets for the very first time. No pictures available. Please select an activity from the list on the left. Thank you.

LSP Camp Trip 2002: September 2002 – The freshman class of 2002 goes on a camp trip to meet the other LSP actives as well as be introduced to some LSP traditions.

LSP Service Project: April 2003 – We served our community by holding a job fair in Pheonix for the homeless. For more info click here.

LSP Camp Trip 2003: September 2003 – As a Sophomore, I am now a Big Buddy to Allen and helping mentor all the LSP freshman as well as having a great time with the camp activities.

LSP Website Development Class: October 2003- this is the first time I have taught a class on web development and we accomplished alot with the help of my little buddy. Go Allen!

LSP Incoming Student Interviews: March 2004 – I wanted to be closer to the Freshman this year so I attended every single group interview session and mingled with the perspectives.

LSP Camp Trip 2004: September 2004 – Now a Junior, the senior speeches have more meaning and its sad to see them saying their last words at camp, and I also have a new LSP Little Buddy Alex Hopson.

LSP Website Development Class: October 2004 – I was again asked to help educate the freshman LSP class in the art of web design. I was more the happy to accept the possition and am exited to see how their sites turn out.

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