Speaking Opportunity Ideas 2019

As I’ve grown over the last decade, I’ve collected my thoughts every year and always considered speaking to be very enjoyable. While I’ve always considered myself a great candidate for technical teaching (small sessions about technical implementations), I’ve never considered myself wise enough to speak on other topics. Certainly I found myself feeling some of the imposter syndrome whenever I considered speaking on things like leadership, mentorship, evangelism, or really anything else thats non-technical.

After more reflection last year, I realized that I do have knowledge and ideas that I’ve been using for years to be successful. As such I’m getting myself out of my comfort zone and spending some deep time building talks about the following. If you have any interest in having me talk at your event, please use the contact form to reach out, or connect with me on LinkedIn.com/in/sethcarstens so we can connect.

  • Leading technical leaders (leadership)
  • Cultivating developers to be rockstars (leadership)
  • Tools to building a happy work family (leadership)
  • Finding, Recruiting, and Keeping good Engineers ( leadership)
  • Technical challenges of scaling WordPress in Media Publishing (Story)
  • Growing Pains: From team of 3 to team of 30 in 2 months (Story)
  • Moving to Docker CI and Challenges of Staging Your Sites (Technical)
  • Using an Abstract Plugin Class to standardize your Plugins (Technical)