Why Andoird is better the iPhone

Well besides the fact that the android phone intuitively feel better when you are navigating through the menus, lets move on to a more pressing issue. You decide to browse to a website from your phone. That is why we buy these expensive phones and unlimited data plans right? You visit the website from your Android while your friend visits from his iphone. 6 clicks into the website you look over and realize they are just about to finish loading the 2nd page to load and you say “Dude, you need to get an Android.”

The mac loving iPhone user will say “no man, I love my iPhone”. This is a typical response. For some reason, owning a mac product is like being a Cubs fan. It doesn’t matter if they loose or win, once your a fan, your a fan for life. This is a horrible approach while being a consumer and spending your hard earned dollars for mac lovers. For cubs fans, well at least your cubs hat still looks cool!

Finally for the proof on thought. I never just “pull this stuff out of thin air”, instead I’m a very calculated kind of guy. If iPhone’s truly were better, that would be great! I would even buy one… assuming they ever offer then on networks besides AT&T (this is a much longer discussion for a different  blog post). We did test to see how performance was looking, take a look at the results: